Extreme Re-Starter Legacy Challenge Variant

I am currently play-testing a variant of the Sims Legacy Challenge Created by Pinstar. The original rules for the challenge are found here http://www.simslegacychallenge.com/.

The basic concept is to follow Pinstar’s Rules for a Legacy Challenge extreme start but only to play until the death of the Founder. At the death of the founder score the challenge thus far. Then repeat. You must complete the extreme start with a founder with each starting aspiration. Your final score will be your average (mean) score across all aspirations.


Mayhew Legacy – Week 8 – A Visit by the Grim Reaper

Sad Greetings to you all,

The week started out so well. Honor got to work right away in the garden.

01-17-16_5-57-56 PM.png

She even took a trip to Sixam to acquire some alien plants.

01-17-16_6-11-31 PM.png

Well on her way to fulfilling her aspiration she became carefree and went to hang out in Willow Creek with some of her teenage friends.

01-17-16_6-49-53 PM

While there she acquired cuttings of Lilies and Roses from the community garden.

01-17-16_6-57-57 PM

She has been trying to get healthier after the week of birthday cake by exercising while she watches shows on healthy cooking.

01-17-16_7-07-35 PM

Tuesday she ran out of time before heading to school so I took care of the garden for her.

01-17-16_7-19-30 PM

Jared has become quite a skilled dancer.

01-17-16_7-23-15 PM

All three children came home with an A that day.

01-17-16_7-31-33 PM

Typical teenagers, they can’t even be bothered to sit down. They just eat leftovers right out of the fridge.

01-17-16_8-19-36 PM

I decided to experiment with my new ice cream maker.

01-17-16_8-38-17 PM

Honor and I shared a bowl of diet Ice Cream.

01-17-16_8-42-56 PM

Honor grew a cowplant, although we sent it to storage, and by the end of the day Wednesday she was a freelance botanist.

01-17-16_9-07-36 PM

That night I began helping her paint.

01-17-16_8-49-42 PM

Tragically, the next morning, the time we all dreaded came for three of my old friends at once. None of us were in time to attempt to save Ulrike.

01-17-16_9-33-45 PM

I pleaded with the reaper for Estevan, but he refused me.

01-17-16_9-38-01 PM

Even Honor with all her charisma was unable to get mercy for Anthony.

01-17-16_9-38-55 PM

Honor painted a truly gruesome sad painting about the event.

01-17-16_9-48-44 PM

To cheer herself up she started the Teen Dreams club and had a gathering at the museum.

01-17-16_10-33-49 PM

When she came home she began working on Excellent paintings.

01-17-16_11-00-36 PM

Once she had completed that she began trying to get masterpieces to become a painter extraordinaire like Jared and I.

01-18-16_8-03-10 AM

Since Benjamin has become a service cashier, Elizabeth wants a job as a barista so she decided to work on her mixology skill.

01-18-16_8-04-09 AM

Once she had the skill level she felt she needed she applied for an open Bean Blender position and was accepted.

01-18-16_8-17-18 AM

With a couple of masterpieces under her belt Honor suggested I should step down as leader of the Legacy Club so she could lead it into the future.

01-18-16_8-10-05 AM

She immediately invited three of her teenage friends to join.

01-18-16_8-28-57 AM

I know she is right. She and her friends are the future of both the club and the family. But it still hurts to see my friends replaced. I ended up outside watering the garden with my tears.

01-18-16_8-32-22 AM

Things got a bit better after that. Soon Honor had learned to be Expressionistic.

01-18-16_9-12-38 AM

She then proved to be shrewd by going downstairs to our storage room to sell most of the stored paintings.

01-18-16_9-17-16 AM

Now she is working on her third song. She wants to be a musical genius like her father.

01-18-16_9-49-03 AM

We have been shamefully neglecting our art gallery. We really need to open it sometime this next week.

Game Status

Lot Value: $295,823
Weekly Bills: $8,527
Cash Reserves: Household – $1340,321; Business – $110,431
Current Score: 35 of 101

11 potions of youth stored.











Mayhew Legacy – Week 7 – Social Whirlwind


, , , ,

I have to tell you all that I am exhausted. It has been quite a week.

The first thing that happened is that we replaced our house. We put everything into storage and switched the houses. One of my science fiction books was about an alternate reality where everything took much longer and the construction of a new home might take months. Thank goodness the real world doesn’t work that way. Once we made our choices we were outside looking at our new house.

01-16-16_3-48-38 PM

As you can see we have plenty of room. The basement provides a focus room, an inspiration room, a storage area, and plenty of room to expand.

01-16-16_3-49-06 PM

01-16-16_3-48-51 PM

On the first floor there is a living room, dining room and kitchen. There is also a small spare room. And in the back there is plenty of room for our garden.

01-16-16_3-49-20 PM

01-16-16_3-49-27 PM

The next two floors have several bedrooms, another living room and a playroom for the children. Some of these rooms may be re-purposed over the generations.

01-16-16_3-49-36 PM

01-16-16_3-49-46 PM

Bizarrely, Anthony took one of the children’s action figures into the bath with him. I’m not sure I want to know why.

01-16-16_5-30-33 PM

On to the social whirl. Monday night was Benjamin’s birthday party. I made him a black and white cake and mastered gourmet cooking.

01-16-16_5-54-24 PM

He aged up well. Unfortunately, the party was only a silver medal event.

01-16-16_5-54-32 PM

Benjamin is still a slob, but now he is also an art lover and wants to become a renaissance sim. So he has been reading lots of skill books.

01-16-16_8-28-09 PM

Honor worked really hard to master charisma. She figures that being a loner she will really need the skill to get ahead.

01-16-16_8-45-26 PM

I’ve been working on improving my mixology skill since we are having so many parties.

01-16-16_9-07-21 PM

Jared has been practicing yoga.

01-16-16_9-14-37 PM

And little Honor decided to go fishing.

01-16-16_9-15-57 PM

On Wednesday night we had my birthday party.

01-16-16_9-28-24 PM

Thanks to my improving food skills we were able to serve some truly excellent food and drink and make it a successful event.

01-16-16_9-28-34 PM

At the end of the party I could only smile as I looked at my musical little family.

01-16-16_9-40-31 PM

Knowing what was coming I kept on working and completely master mixology before the next party.

01-16-16_10-55-01 PM

Friday was Elizabeth’s turn.

01-17-16_7-58-21 AM

She wants to be a computer whiz which is lovely, unfortunately I have realized she is now evil.

01-17-16_7-58-26 AM

Honor ran out of things to learn so she started collecting space prints. This one is quite lovely.

01-17-16_1-13-59 PM

Jared mastered yoga and the feeling of wellness.

01-17-16_2-10-19 PM

Sunday morning I began preparing for Honor’s party.

01-17-16_2-13-24 PM

We ate food.

01-17-16_2-27-53 PM

She blew out the candles.

01-17-16_2-29-52 PM

We all played cards.

01-17-16_2-32-30 PM

Once it was all and Honor was now cheerful and had expressed her desire to become a freelance botanist I helped her find some good gardening clothes.

01-17-16_2-39-57 PM

Next week we’ll see how she fares.

Game Status

Lot Value: $291,820
Weekly Bills: $8,763
Cash Reserves: Household – $1,016,820; Business – $110,431
Current Score: 31 of 101

4 potions of youth stored.

The House is a recreation of the 210 Wright Way from Sims 2 By SimsNetwork. I added the basement and removed some furniture to suit my playing preferences. I also expanded the garden. You may notice I removed all the sinks. That is because with the NanoCan every dish washed is lost income.

In regards to the Heir choice unless disaster befalls her I expect it to come out in Honor’s favor. Both she and Elizabeth completed all four childhood aspirations but since Honor was a loner and just wanted to be alone and build skills she is way ahead on skill points which is the tie-breaker. In fact due to the boosts from the club she mastered every skill that is available to a child. On top of that her current aspiration can be completed as a teen so I really don’t see Elizabeth getting ahead. Especially since now that I expect her to be heir I’ll probably be more focused on her.

Sorry for the delay on this. My game was bugged and I was getting discouraged. I’ve actually played ahead of posting but I wasn’t particularly motivated until the patch cleared up most of my issues. 

Also how did I miss that Slob sims fart green musical notes until now.











Mayhew Legacy – Week 6 – Overachievers


, , , ,

It has been an amazing week. To start off I decided to buy a camera. I took pictures of our club until everything was picture perfect.

01-13-16_10-13-24 AM

While Benjamin worked on his video game skill Jared made some additional children’s violins for they children. His handiness goes far beyond repairs.

01-15-16_5-24-01 AM

Honor grew up on Monday. She is a loner and wants to be a Whiz Kid.

01-15-16_6-39-07 PM

She asked me to read her a story. I was happy to.

01-15-16_8-02-11 PM

I also learned that my efforts to draw people to the neighborhood had worked. Elizabeth and Benjamin found a number of friends their age. Jared also added a wormhole generator to our space ship. On Tuesday morning with all three children at school Jared and I were able to have some time just for each other.

01-15-16_8-34-20 PM

Before long Honor was navigating the most dangerous moment in childhood. Thankful she successfully crafted emotion potions without starting a fire. I put the set away once she was done with it.

01-15-16_9-00-28 PM

Honor is an active child who enjoys exercising with her brother.

01-15-16_9-20-47 PM

Once she had received an A in school she became a bit of a rambunctious scamp. She dragged one of the computers out next to the jungle gym to play keyboard commander.

01-15-16_11-21-33 PM

Jared got a bit sick this week. He drank a lot of tea and medicine before he got better.

01-16-16_6-45-56 AM

Since Friday was his birthday I made him a cake.

01-16-16_7-17-54 AM

Honor had taken the day off of school so Jared helped her with her drawing while I prepared the food.

01-16-16_7-15-36 AM

Once Elizabeth and Benjamin were home from school we started the party.

01-16-16_7-19-18 AM

Jared became an adult in style.

01-16-16_7-33-04 AM

It was a real gold medal event.

01-16-16_7-34-55 AM

Saturday morning we took Honor to the park to meet some more people. Jared found a mysterious barricade. Since he is so handy he decided to remove it.

01-16-16_8-26-17 AM

Then he explored.

01-16-16_8-26-58 AM

He found a forgotten grotto. It looks like it would be an interesting place to go fishing.

01-16-16_8-29-28 AM.png


I’m so proud of Honor. Becoming a social butterfly when you are a loner isn’t easy. She has achieved everything a child could aspire to do. At the moment based on merit I believe she will inherit. Of course what might happen during her teen years could change everything.

01-16-16_8-51-18 AM

It is amazing how a little potion of youth and a family can keep you young. Anthony and I used to seem the same age. Now he is an elder and I am still a young adult on the cusp of adulthood.

01-16-16_10-26-37 AM

I know we will have a bright future. Also a birthday party for Benjamin next week.

Game Status

Lot Value: $164,381
Weekly Bills: $4,802
Cash Reserves: Household – $1,028,327; Business – $110,431
Current Score: 27 of 101

Completed Space Rocks Collection
All consumable aspiration rewards stored on lot.
3 potions of youth stored.









Mayhew Legacy – Week 5 – Heir and a Spare


, , , ,

Hello Readers,

In the evening last Sunday Jared reached his maximum logic skill while playing chess and became a Nerd Brain. With our family rapidly growing he turned his focus to having a Successful Lineage

01-01-16_7-08-12 AM

I soon became a Freelance Botanist and made the same decision.

01-01-16_7-38-22 AM

I also chose to reduce the size of my garden for now so it won’t take too much time from the children.

01-01-16_7-40-37 AM

It is nice that our club is kind to the baby but I wish they would let us in once and a while. Jared actually had to drag the bassinet away from Anthony so he would stop cooing at Benjamin long enough for Jared to feed him.

01-01-16_7-19-07 AM

We opened our store again for a little while. We sold out of paintings so we will have to paint some more at home. One of my paintings sold for $9,130.

01-01-16_8-50-28 AM

Tuesday morning David grew up into childhood. He wants to be a whiz kid which is great. Unfortunately he is also a slob.

01-01-16_9-19-40 AM

Shortly after David grew up I went into labor again. This time Morgan Ransom delivered first daughter Elizabeth.

01-02-16_11-22-16 AM

Technically that gives us the traditional heir and a spare but since this family will be a matriarchy I told Jared I would like another daughter.

01-02-16_8-10-33 AM

01-02-16_8-11-50 AM

I was sad not to succeed right away.

01-02-16_8-17-30 AM

But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Friday while playing the piano Jared realized he was a true virtuoso.

01-02-16_9-50-14 AM

We’ve been on family leave but that is paid and the interest on our investments continues to come in. Hey children, can you say “Rosebud”

Benjamin came home from school with an “A” becoming a whiz kid. He moved on to making friends. Jared and I are both looking forward to him repeating this feat in high school.

01-02-16_10-14-55 AM

Elizabeth aged up to a child. She wants to be a social butterfly and is a perfectionist.

01-02-16_11-01-09 AM

And again I went into labor.

01-02-16_11-19-54 AM

Morgan Ransom was my obstetrician again and she delivered a healthy baby girl, Honor.

01-02-16_8-02-39 AM

We were so proud that neither of our children were angry about the birth of the baby that we decided to take them to the park to make friends. Unfortunately, Jase Avalos appears to be the only other child in town. I’ll have to do something about bringing in more families with children.

01-02-16_11-30-11 AM

Game Status

Lot Value: $135,206
Weekly Bills: $5,195
Cash Reserves: Household – $877,312; Business – $110,431
Current Score: 17 of 101
Most expensive stove and fridge were purchased and fully upgraded.

Legacy Challenge Club – Bug and Workaround


, ,

I have been playing ahead of my story posting for my Mayhew Legacy and found a bug in Get Together that I expect other Legacy Players may run into as well.

I found the benefits of my club for both mood and skill building so good that I have been keeping my club gatherings going most of the time in game. Once I had all the possible perks at one time for the popularity point, I pretty much ignored the perk section.

Today I was playing for a couple of minutes and I decided to make a new save. I got a save error 533:impossibly long string of numbers. Since I thankfully had a recent save I shut down the game and got going on researching the error. I found one forum post by someone who said they had received a similar error and when they deleted the club it was fixed. I didn’t want to do that since the club is an important part of my challenge so I decided to see if I could find another work around.

I loaded up the game and opened the club panel and I was pretty close to 30,000 unused club points. Since you can only have one handshake perk at a time I cycled through the different handshakes until I had bled off a couple thousand perk points. Then I played the game to the same point I had left off before and tried to save. It worked.

Long story short. If you keep playing a club after you get all the perks change the handshake frequently to keep your perk points under 29,000.

I’ll tweet a link to this to ImaginingMystic and Pinstar. Hopefully the word will get out so no one ends up abandoning a legacy in frustration over this bug.

Mayhew Legacy – Week 4 – Open for Business


, , ,


We decided to start off this week by purchasing a retail lot. Right now we are using it as an art gallery to sell our paintings.

12-28-15_6-32-07 AM

Jared continued to work on becoming a musical genius.

12-28-15_6-24-59 PM

We headed home for a little bit and Jared wanted to mentor someone in music so I accepted a few hours of instruction on the violin.

12-30-15_8-31-39 AM

Being frugal paid off. This week’s bills were only $4,429. That is less than a days royalties so it is very manageable.

12-23-15_11-07-19 AM

Jared finally spent enough time playing instruments to be considered a musical genius. He wanted to become fabulously wealthy and found out he immediately qualified. He moved on to working on becoming a Nerd Brain.

12-30-15_10-49-59 AM

The whole club got involved in building his rocket.

12-30-15_11-20-12 AM

On Wednesday I was promoted and became a Creator of Worlds.

12-30-15_12-45-53 PM

I reminded Jared that this was when we had agreed to start our family.

12-30-15_12-52-37 PM

He thought we should try for the first child conceived in outer space.

12-30-15_12-53-19 PM

It was a lot of fun to join the fifty mile-high club.

12-30-15_12-53-52 PM

And it worked.

12-30-15_12-54-32 PM

I became a Tungsten chef. That is good since pregnancy is making me hungry.

12-30-15_12-56-37 PM

We opened the business again while I was pregnant. We even managed to learn how to check people out faster.

12-30-15_2-26-33 PM

But we came home during the third trimester until I went into labor.

12-30-15_3-36-59 PM

While I waited to check in to the hospital it seemed as if Jared’s confidence from winning a chess match was going to keep him calm.

12-30-15_3-39-15 PM

But when I was actually in delivery pre-parental panic set in.

12-30-15_3-40-54 PM

Dr. Otis Barkley delivered our baby boy Benjamin Mayhew.

12-30-15_3-42-11 PM

I enjoy being a mother.

12-30-15_3-51-53 PM

In fact, I love it so much we decided to get to work on Benjamin’s little brother or sister right away. Although this time we chose a more traditional location for the conception.

12-30-15_3-46-01 PM

Game Status

Lot Value: $113,792
Weekly Bills: $4,429
Cash Reserves: Household – $579,823; Business – $67,833
Legacy Club now has all skill based perks.
Current Score: 13 of 101

Business Lot is Photography Love no CC by Kameliaxxx. I placed it unfurnished on the Pebble Burrow lot.


Mayhew Legacy – Week 3 – Well Established


, , ,


I begin this week’s update with a warning. If you have a club meeting in your home make sure you lock your bedroom door to family only. Jared and I just barely escaped being embarrassed by one of our club members coming into our bedroom to admire a painting while we were woohooing.

12-23-15_8-18-18 AM

So things would be a bit less crowded we added on a basement for our club activities. Most of our career rewards are down there as well. It should keep everyone nice and inspired.

12-22-15_6-41-28 AM

I wrote my third bestseller. All I need to be a Bestselling Author is another day’s royalties. It also inspired me to become frugal. Our last week’s bills were $7,402 already.

12-22-15_7-19-28 PM

And they came in the next morning. I decided my next task was to become Fabulously Wealthy. To my surprise I was almost there. I only needed to earn another $45,000 to make it.

12-23-15_6-40-10 AM

I kept selling paintings our club had made and I was soon there. It is amazing how wealthy being creative and having creative friends can make you. I think I am going to become a botanist next. I love my little garden.

12-23-15_8-45-29 AM

Jared was Rhapsodizing about Piano Sonatas with Ulrike Faust when he was inspired to become frugal as well. I’m not sure how that works but I’m happy anyway.

12-23-15_8-35-44 AM

On Friday Jared achieved his ambition of becoming a Master of the Real.

12-23-15_8-54-02 AM

When he came home he asked me to pose for a portrait so our descendants will always remember us.

12-23-15_10-57-47 AM

I decided to do do the same for him.

12-23-15_11-03-21 AM

I only have one promotion left before I become a Creator of Worlds. When I do Jared and I have agreed to start a family.

12-23-15_10-22-57 AM

We both drank our potion of youth so we will be fit and strong while we raise our children.

12-23-15_10-23-29 AM

In the meantime, if I don’t have a baby to talk to, I can always talk to my plants.

12-23-15_11-06-41 AM

Game Status

Lot Value: $108,798
Weekly Bills: $7,402
Cash Reserves: $427,240
-2 Deviance points since the stored Potion of Youth were used.
Current Score: 11 out of 101

Sorry about not posting last week. My keyboard broke and I had to get a new one.


Mayhew Legacy Week 2 – Becoming a Family


, , ,

Hello Friends,

I have a very busy week to tell you all about. First I completed the last masterpiece necessary to truly become a Painter Extraordinaire

12-19-15_7-01-34 AM

I decided to turn my attention to becoming a best selling author. It should go well with my career as a writer.

12-19-15_6-38-48 AM

Not long after Jared was excited to match my feat.

12-19-15_7-50-05 AM

He decided to turn his attention to becoming a musical genius. He still has a long way to go but I’m sure he’ll get there.

12-19-15_8-04-29 AM

Since all of the friends in our club our getting older and Jared and I are engaged we agreed to change the club rules so age and marital status don’t matter anymore. By Friday both Jared and I had a received a promotion that required us to choose between two possible jobs. He chose to become an Artist En Residence in the hopes of someday becoming a Master of the Real. I chose to become a short story writer with a goal of becoming a Creator of Worlds. With these promotions in mind we decided to celebrate by throwing ourselves a wedding. I baked a cake.

12-19-15_9-56-08 PM

Then I made some blackened bass.

12-20-15_7-06-09 AM

Once the preparations were done. We invited everyone over to watch us take our vows and pledge our love for one another.

12-20-15_7-17-29 AM12-20-15_7-18-21 AM12-20-15_7-18-31 AM

We celebrated outside with food and drinks.

12-20-15_7-20-04 AM

Our house which seemed so spacious only a week ago is filling up rapidly. You probably can’t tell form the picture. Jared and I have each purchased a potion of youth. True leaders can only use them once in a lifetime but we have them safely stored for future use.

12-20-15_9-03-50 AM12-20-15_9-03-54 AM

I’m off to work again momentarily I just need to finish weeding my garden first.

12-20-15_9-02-59 AM

Game Status

Lot Value: $85,424
Weekly Bills Paid: $2,209
Current Point Total: 8 of 101


Mayhew Legacy – Week 1 – Extreme Start


, , , ,

Hi everyone,

12-18-15_1-38-27 PM

My name is Rachel Mayhew. I’m a Cheerful, Creative, Art Lover and I want to be a Painter Extraordinaire.

I want my family to lead this region into the future. Fortunately, the Vilareal family recently decided to move from Windenburg to Willow Creek so I was able to purchase this gorgeous but empty parcel of land on a nearly private island.

12-18-15_1-38-42 PM

Before I purchase anything else I need to purchase the symbol of my family’s leadership. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money. So I headed out for The Future’s Past Museum in Oasis Springs.

12-18-15_1-42-01 PM

I spent some time socializing with Hillary Foreman. Unfortunately she seems hot-headed and a bit of a snob. I don’t think we’ll be spending much time together in the future.

12-18-15_1-43-28 PM

By this time I had heard where the best places to hunt for valuables were so I was off to dig, look for frogs and even to rummage through the trash. Since I didn’t find anything but common frogs my plans to breed exotic frogs as a side business will have to be put on hold but I did find some nice crystals and time capsules that I could sell so I returned to my home lot with $8445. Enough to by my symbolic suit of armor.

12-18-15_1-46-19 PM

12-18-15_1-49-02 PM

12-18-15_1-48-10 PM

I had heard that clubs were a powerful way to meet new people and develop influence so I created a club for people like me. Once I founded the Legacy club for single, creative young adults then with my remaining $245 I headed for the Municipal Muses in Willow Creek.

For the next couple days I wandered from community lot to community lot. I got to know the members of my club.

12-18-15_1-59-54 PM

12-18-15_2-08-18 PM

I dropped by the nightclub to eat the free chips at the bar,

12-18-15_2-22-17 PM

I looked for frogs,

12-18-15_2-03-43 PM

and I painted.

12-18-15_2-16-47 PM

I soon developed a preference for Jared. He was creative and an art lover like me, but he is also ambitious. We decided that just the two of us should head over to the nightclub. We flirted.

12-18-15_2-37-30 PM

Soon we were having our first kiss.

12-18-15_2-42-05 PM

Before I knew it I was asking him to be my boyfriend and he accepted.

12-18-15_2-42-59 PM

He moved in but we still only had about $1000 to buy a few things.

12-18-15_3-09-03 PM

We kept painting with our club on our home lot. I also managed to find the frogs I needed to crossbreed to get the rare Whirlyflower frog and soon we had a small collection of belongings on our lot.

12-18-15_3-45-08 PM

He got a regular job as a painter. Thanks to our club’s network and the fact that he has become rather entrepreneurial he got three promotions just this first week.

12-18-15_4-02-57 PM

After a few days I started working as a writer. I only worked one day this week but I did earn a promotion as well.

12-18-15_5-35-20 PM

We’ve developed a lot of stuff on our lot. But, in spite of the unseasonably warm weather than enabled us to live on the lawn so long, winter is coming so we arranged for a house to be built for us at the end of the week.

12-18-15_7-22-54 PM

In the long run I hope our family will eventually be able to afford a home that will truly do justice to this island but for now. This house will meet our needs as we begin to expand our family.

12-18-15_7-22-38 PM

I think this week has been kind to us we both only need a couple more masterpieces to our name and we will both be Painter Extraordinaires. My work in particular is considered both visionary and marketable. I look forward to telling you more of my family’s journey next week.


Game Status

Succession Laws

Extreme Start Successful
Net Worth 57.417
Current Score: 3 out of 101 

The House is a recreation of the Family Farmhouse, one of my favorite Sims 2 lots, by Mixa97sr.

The rules for Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge

The best guide I have found for Frog Breeding