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Hello Friends,

I have a very busy week to tell you all about. First I completed the last masterpiece necessary to truly become a Painter Extraordinaire

12-19-15_7-01-34 AM

I decided to turn my attention to becoming a best selling author. It should go well with my career as a writer.

12-19-15_6-38-48 AM

Not long after Jared was excited to match my feat.

12-19-15_7-50-05 AM

He decided to turn his attention to becoming a musical genius. He still has a long way to go but I’m sure he’ll get there.

12-19-15_8-04-29 AM

Since all of the friends in our club our getting older and Jared and I are engaged we agreed to change the club rules so age and marital status don’t matter anymore. By Friday both Jared and I had a received a promotion that required us to choose between two possible jobs. He chose to become an Artist En Residence in the hopes of someday becoming a Master of the Real. I chose to become a short story writer with a goal of becoming a Creator of Worlds. With these promotions in mind we decided to celebrate by throwing ourselves a wedding. I baked a cake.

12-19-15_9-56-08 PM

Then I made some blackened bass.

12-20-15_7-06-09 AM

Once the preparations were done. We invited everyone over to watch us take our vows and pledge our love for one another.

12-20-15_7-17-29 AM12-20-15_7-18-21 AM12-20-15_7-18-31 AM

We celebrated outside with food and drinks.

12-20-15_7-20-04 AM

Our house which seemed so spacious only a week ago is filling up rapidly. You probably can’t tell form the picture. Jared and I have each purchased a potion of youth. True leaders can only use them once in a lifetime but we have them safely stored for future use.

12-20-15_9-03-50 AM12-20-15_9-03-54 AM

I’m off to work again momentarily I just need to finish weeding my garden first.

12-20-15_9-02-59 AM

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Weekly Bills Paid: $2,209
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