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I have to tell you all that I am exhausted. It has been quite a week.

The first thing that happened is that we replaced our house. We put everything into storage and switched the houses. One of my science fiction books was about an alternate reality where everything took much longer and the construction of a new home might take months. Thank goodness the real world doesn’t work that way. Once we made our choices we were outside looking at our new house.

01-16-16_3-48-38 PM

As you can see we have plenty of room. The basement provides a focus room, an inspiration room, a storage area, and plenty of room to expand.

01-16-16_3-49-06 PM

01-16-16_3-48-51 PM

On the first floor there is a living room, dining room and kitchen. There is also a small spare room. And in the back there is plenty of room for our garden.

01-16-16_3-49-20 PM

01-16-16_3-49-27 PM

The next two floors have several bedrooms, another living room and a playroom for the children. Some of these rooms may be re-purposed over the generations.

01-16-16_3-49-36 PM

01-16-16_3-49-46 PM

Bizarrely, Anthony took one of the children’s action figures into the bath with him. I’m not sure I want to know why.

01-16-16_5-30-33 PM

On to the social whirl. Monday night was Benjamin’s birthday party. I made him a black and white cake and mastered gourmet cooking.

01-16-16_5-54-24 PM

He aged up well. Unfortunately, the party was only a silver medal event.

01-16-16_5-54-32 PM

Benjamin is still a slob, but now he is also an art lover and wants to become a renaissance sim. So he has been reading lots of skill books.

01-16-16_8-28-09 PM

Honor worked really hard to master charisma. She figures that being a loner she will really need the skill to get ahead.

01-16-16_8-45-26 PM

I’ve been working on improving my mixology skill since we are having so many parties.

01-16-16_9-07-21 PM

Jared has been practicing yoga.

01-16-16_9-14-37 PM

And little Honor decided to go fishing.

01-16-16_9-15-57 PM

On Wednesday night we had my birthday party.

01-16-16_9-28-24 PM

Thanks to my improving food skills we were able to serve some truly excellent food and drink and make it a successful event.

01-16-16_9-28-34 PM

At the end of the party I could only smile as I looked at my musical little family.

01-16-16_9-40-31 PM

Knowing what was coming I kept on working and completely master mixology before the next party.

01-16-16_10-55-01 PM

Friday was Elizabeth’s turn.

01-17-16_7-58-21 AM

She wants to be a computer whiz which is lovely, unfortunately I have realized she is now evil.

01-17-16_7-58-26 AM

Honor ran out of things to learn so she started collecting space prints. This one is quite lovely.

01-17-16_1-13-59 PM

Jared mastered yoga and the feeling of wellness.

01-17-16_2-10-19 PM

Sunday morning I began preparing for Honor’s party.

01-17-16_2-13-24 PM

We ate food.

01-17-16_2-27-53 PM

She blew out the candles.

01-17-16_2-29-52 PM

We all played cards.

01-17-16_2-32-30 PM

Once it was all and Honor was now cheerful and had expressed her desire to become a freelance botanist I helped her find some good gardening clothes.

01-17-16_2-39-57 PM

Next week we’ll see how she fares.

Game Status

Lot Value: $291,820
Weekly Bills: $8,763
Cash Reserves: Household – $1,016,820; Business – $110,431
Current Score: 31 of 101

4 potions of youth stored.

The House is a recreation of the 210 Wright Way from Sims 2 By SimsNetwork. I added the basement and removed some furniture to suit my playing preferences. I also expanded the garden. You may notice I removed all the sinks. That is because with the NanoCan every dish washed is lost income.

In regards to the Heir choice unless disaster befalls her I expect it to come out in Honor’s favor. Both she and Elizabeth completed all four childhood aspirations but since Honor was a loner and just wanted to be alone and build skills she is way ahead on skill points which is the tie-breaker. In fact due to the boosts from the club she mastered every skill that is available to a child. On top of that her current aspiration can be completed as a teen so I really don’t see Elizabeth getting ahead. Especially since now that I expect her to be heir I’ll probably be more focused on her.

Sorry for the delay on this. My game was bugged and I was getting discouraged. I’ve actually played ahead of posting but I wasn’t particularly motivated until the patch cleared up most of my issues. 

Also how did I miss that Slob sims fart green musical notes until now.