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We decided to start off this week by purchasing a retail lot. Right now we are using it as an art gallery to sell our paintings.

12-28-15_6-32-07 AM

Jared continued to work on becoming a musical genius.

12-28-15_6-24-59 PM

We headed home for a little bit and Jared wanted to mentor someone in music so I accepted a few hours of instruction on the violin.

12-30-15_8-31-39 AM

Being frugal paid off. This week’s bills were only $4,429. That is less than a days royalties so it is very manageable.

12-23-15_11-07-19 AM

Jared finally spent enough time playing instruments to be considered a musical genius. He wanted to become fabulously wealthy and found out he immediately qualified. He moved on to working on becoming a Nerd Brain.

12-30-15_10-49-59 AM

The whole club got involved in building his rocket.

12-30-15_11-20-12 AM

On Wednesday I was promoted and became a Creator of Worlds.

12-30-15_12-45-53 PM

I reminded Jared that this was when we had agreed to start our family.

12-30-15_12-52-37 PM

He thought we should try for the first child conceived in outer space.

12-30-15_12-53-19 PM

It was a lot of fun to join the fifty mile-high club.

12-30-15_12-53-52 PM

And it worked.

12-30-15_12-54-32 PM

I became a Tungsten chef. That is good since pregnancy is making me hungry.

12-30-15_12-56-37 PM

We opened the business again while I was pregnant. We even managed to learn how to check people out faster.

12-30-15_2-26-33 PM

But we came home during the third trimester until I went into labor.

12-30-15_3-36-59 PM

While I waited to check in to the hospital it seemed as if Jared’s confidence from winning a chess match was going to keep him calm.

12-30-15_3-39-15 PM

But when I was actually in delivery pre-parental panic set in.

12-30-15_3-40-54 PM

Dr. Otis Barkley delivered our baby boy Benjamin Mayhew.

12-30-15_3-42-11 PM

I enjoy being a mother.

12-30-15_3-51-53 PM

In fact, I love it so much we decided to get to work on Benjamin’s little brother or sister right away. Although this time we chose a more traditional location for the conception.

12-30-15_3-46-01 PM

Game Status

Lot Value: $113,792
Weekly Bills: $4,429
Cash Reserves: Household – $579,823; Business – $67,833
Legacy Club now has all skill based perks.
Current Score: 13 of 101

Business Lot is Photography Love no CC by Kameliaxxx. I placed it unfurnished on the Pebble Burrow lot.