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I begin this week’s update with a warning. If you have a club meeting in your home make sure you lock your bedroom door to family only. Jared and I just barely escaped being embarrassed by one of our club members coming into our bedroom to admire a painting while we were woohooing.

12-23-15_8-18-18 AM

So things would be a bit less crowded we added on a basement for our club activities. Most of our career rewards are down there as well. It should keep everyone nice and inspired.

12-22-15_6-41-28 AM

I wrote my third bestseller. All I need to be a Bestselling Author is another day’s royalties. It also inspired me to become frugal. Our last week’s bills were $7,402 already.

12-22-15_7-19-28 PM

And they came in the next morning. I decided my next task was to become Fabulously Wealthy. To my surprise I was almost there. I only needed to earn another $45,000 to make it.

12-23-15_6-40-10 AM

I kept selling paintings our club had made and I was soon there. It is amazing how wealthy being creative and having creative friends can make you. I think I am going to become a botanist next. I love my little garden.

12-23-15_8-45-29 AM

Jared was Rhapsodizing about Piano Sonatas with Ulrike Faust when he was inspired to become frugal as well. I’m not sure how that works but I’m happy anyway.

12-23-15_8-35-44 AM

On Friday Jared achieved his ambition of becoming a Master of the Real.

12-23-15_8-54-02 AM

When he came home he asked me to pose for a portrait so our descendants will always remember us.

12-23-15_10-57-47 AM

I decided to do do the same for him.

12-23-15_11-03-21 AM

I only have one promotion left before I become a Creator of Worlds. When I do Jared and I have agreed to start a family.

12-23-15_10-22-57 AM

We both drank our potion of youth so we will be fit and strong while we raise our children.

12-23-15_10-23-29 AM

In the meantime, if I don’t have a baby to talk to, I can always talk to my plants.

12-23-15_11-06-41 AM

Game Status

Lot Value: $108,798
Weekly Bills: $7,402
Cash Reserves: $427,240
-2 Deviance points since the stored Potion of Youth were used.
Current Score: 11 out of 101

Sorry about not posting last week. My keyboard broke and I had to get a new one.