Sad Greetings to you all,

The week started out so well. Honor got to work right away in the garden.

01-17-16_5-57-56 PM.png

She even took a trip to Sixam to acquire some alien plants.

01-17-16_6-11-31 PM.png

Well on her way to fulfilling her aspiration she became carefree and went to hang out in Willow Creek with some of her teenage friends.

01-17-16_6-49-53 PM

While there she acquired cuttings of Lilies and Roses from the community garden.

01-17-16_6-57-57 PM

She has been trying to get healthier after the week of birthday cake by exercising while she watches shows on healthy cooking.

01-17-16_7-07-35 PM

Tuesday she ran out of time before heading to school so I took care of the garden for her.

01-17-16_7-19-30 PM

Jared has become quite a skilled dancer.

01-17-16_7-23-15 PM

All three children came home with an A that day.

01-17-16_7-31-33 PM

Typical teenagers, they can’t even be bothered to sit down. They just eat leftovers right out of the fridge.

01-17-16_8-19-36 PM

I decided to experiment with my new ice cream maker.

01-17-16_8-38-17 PM

Honor and I shared a bowl of diet Ice Cream.

01-17-16_8-42-56 PM

Honor grew a cowplant, although we sent it to storage, and by the end of the day Wednesday she was a freelance botanist.

01-17-16_9-07-36 PM

That night I began helping her paint.

01-17-16_8-49-42 PM

Tragically, the next morning, the time we all dreaded came for three of my old friends at once. None of us were in time to attempt to save Ulrike.

01-17-16_9-33-45 PM

I pleaded with the reaper for Estevan, but he refused me.

01-17-16_9-38-01 PM

Even Honor with all her charisma was unable to get mercy for Anthony.

01-17-16_9-38-55 PM

Honor painted a truly gruesome sad painting about the event.

01-17-16_9-48-44 PM

To cheer herself up she started the Teen Dreams club and had a gathering at the museum.

01-17-16_10-33-49 PM

When she came home she began working on Excellent paintings.

01-17-16_11-00-36 PM

Once she had completed that she began trying to get masterpieces to become a painter extraordinaire like Jared and I.

01-18-16_8-03-10 AM

Since Benjamin has become a service cashier, Elizabeth wants a job as a barista so she decided to work on her mixology skill.

01-18-16_8-04-09 AM

Once she had the skill level she felt she needed she applied for an open Bean Blender position and was accepted.

01-18-16_8-17-18 AM

With a couple of masterpieces under her belt Honor suggested I should step down as leader of the Legacy Club so she could lead it into the future.

01-18-16_8-10-05 AM

She immediately invited three of her teenage friends to join.

01-18-16_8-28-57 AM

I know she is right. She and her friends are the future of both the club and the family. But it still hurts to see my friends replaced. I ended up outside watering the garden with my tears.

01-18-16_8-32-22 AM

Things got a bit better after that. Soon Honor had learned to be Expressionistic.

01-18-16_9-12-38 AM

She then proved to be shrewd by going downstairs to our storage room to sell most of the stored paintings.

01-18-16_9-17-16 AM

Now she is working on her third song. She wants to be a musical genius like her father.

01-18-16_9-49-03 AM

We have been shamefully neglecting our art gallery. We really need to open it sometime this next week.

Game Status

Lot Value: $295,823
Weekly Bills: $8,527
Cash Reserves: Household – $1340,321; Business – $110,431
Current Score: 35 of 101

11 potions of youth stored.