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Hello Readers,

In the evening last Sunday Jared reached his maximum logic skill while playing chess and became a Nerd Brain. With our family rapidly growing he turned his focus to having a Successful Lineage

01-01-16_7-08-12 AM

I soon became a Freelance Botanist and made the same decision.

01-01-16_7-38-22 AM

I also chose to reduce the size of my garden for now so it won’t take too much time from the children.

01-01-16_7-40-37 AM

It is nice that our club is kind to the baby but I wish they would let us in once and a while. Jared actually had to drag the bassinet away from Anthony so he would stop cooing at Benjamin long enough for Jared to feed him.

01-01-16_7-19-07 AM

We opened our store again for a little while. We sold out of paintings so we will have to paint some more at home. One of my paintings sold for $9,130.

01-01-16_8-50-28 AM

Tuesday morning David grew up into childhood. He wants to be a whiz kid which is great. Unfortunately he is also a slob.

01-01-16_9-19-40 AM

Shortly after David grew up I went into labor again. This time Morgan Ransom delivered first daughter Elizabeth.

01-02-16_11-22-16 AM

Technically that gives us the traditional heir and a spare but since this family will be a matriarchy I told Jared I would like another daughter.

01-02-16_8-10-33 AM

01-02-16_8-11-50 AM

I was sad not to succeed right away.

01-02-16_8-17-30 AM

But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Friday while playing the piano Jared realized he was a true virtuoso.

01-02-16_9-50-14 AM

We’ve been on family leave but that is paid and the interest on our investments continues to come in. Hey children, can you say “Rosebud”

Benjamin came home from school with an “A” becoming a whiz kid. He moved on to making friends. Jared and I are both looking forward to him repeating this feat in high school.

01-02-16_10-14-55 AM

Elizabeth aged up to a child. She wants to be a social butterfly and is a perfectionist.

01-02-16_11-01-09 AM

And again I went into labor.

01-02-16_11-19-54 AM

Morgan Ransom was my obstetrician again and she delivered a healthy baby girl, Honor.

01-02-16_8-02-39 AM

We were so proud that neither of our children were angry about the birth of the baby that we decided to take them to the park to make friends. Unfortunately, Jase Avalos appears to be the only other child in town. I’ll have to do something about bringing in more families with children.

01-02-16_11-30-11 AM

Game Status

Lot Value: $135,206
Weekly Bills: $5,195
Cash Reserves: Household – $877,312; Business – $110,431
Current Score: 17 of 101
Most expensive stove and fridge were purchased and fully upgraded.