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I have been playing ahead of my story posting for my Mayhew Legacy and found a bug in Get Together that I expect other Legacy Players may run into as well.

I found the benefits of my club for both mood and skill building so good that I have been keeping my club gatherings going most of the time in game. Once I had all the possible perks at one time for the popularity point, I pretty much ignored the perk section.

Today I was playing for a couple of minutes and I decided to make a new save. I got a save error 533:impossibly long string of numbers. Since I thankfully had a recent save I shut down the game and got going on researching the error. I found one forum post by someone who said they had received a similar error and when they deleted the club it was fixed. I didn’t want to do that since the club is an important part of my challenge so I decided to see if I could find another work around.

I loaded up the game and opened the club panel and I was pretty close to 30,000 unused club points. Since you can only have one handshake perk at a time I cycled through the different handshakes until I had bled off a couple thousand perk points. Then I played the game to the same point I had left off before and tried to save. It worked.

Long story short. If you keep playing a club after you get all the perks change the handshake frequently to keep your perk points under 29,000.

I’ll tweet a link to this to ImaginingMystic and Pinstar. Hopefully the word will get out so no one ends up abandoning a legacy in frustration over this bug.