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It has been an amazing week. To start off I decided to buy a camera. I took pictures of our club until everything was picture perfect.

01-13-16_10-13-24 AM

While Benjamin worked on his video game skill Jared made some additional children’s violins for they children. His handiness goes far beyond repairs.

01-15-16_5-24-01 AM

Honor grew up on Monday. She is a loner and wants to be a Whiz Kid.

01-15-16_6-39-07 PM

She asked me to read her a story. I was happy to.

01-15-16_8-02-11 PM

I also learned that my efforts to draw people to the neighborhood had worked. Elizabeth and Benjamin found a number of friends their age. Jared also added a wormhole generator to our space ship. On Tuesday morning with all three children at school Jared and I were able to have some time just for each other.

01-15-16_8-34-20 PM

Before long Honor was navigating the most dangerous moment in childhood. Thankful she successfully crafted emotion potions without starting a fire. I put the set away once she was done with it.

01-15-16_9-00-28 PM

Honor is an active child who enjoys exercising with her brother.

01-15-16_9-20-47 PM

Once she had received an A in school she became a bit of a rambunctious scamp. She dragged one of the computers out next to the jungle gym to play keyboard commander.

01-15-16_11-21-33 PM

Jared got a bit sick this week. He drank a lot of tea and medicine before he got better.

01-16-16_6-45-56 AM

Since Friday was his birthday I made him a cake.

01-16-16_7-17-54 AM

Honor had taken the day off of school so Jared helped her with her drawing while I prepared the food.

01-16-16_7-15-36 AM

Once Elizabeth and Benjamin were home from school we started the party.

01-16-16_7-19-18 AM

Jared became an adult in style.

01-16-16_7-33-04 AM

It was a real gold medal event.

01-16-16_7-34-55 AM

Saturday morning we took Honor to the park to meet some more people. Jared found a mysterious barricade. Since he is so handy he decided to remove it.

01-16-16_8-26-17 AM

Then he explored.

01-16-16_8-26-58 AM

He found a forgotten grotto. It looks like it would be an interesting place to go fishing.

01-16-16_8-29-28 AM.png


I’m so proud of Honor. Becoming a social butterfly when you are a loner isn’t easy. She has achieved everything a child could aspire to do. At the moment based on merit I believe she will inherit. Of course what might happen during her teen years could change everything.

01-16-16_8-51-18 AM

It is amazing how a little potion of youth and a family can keep you young. Anthony and I used to seem the same age. Now he is an elder and I am still a young adult on the cusp of adulthood.

01-16-16_10-26-37 AM

I know we will have a bright future. Also a birthday party for Benjamin next week.

Game Status

Lot Value: $164,381
Weekly Bills: $4,802
Cash Reserves: Household – $1,028,327; Business – $110,431
Current Score: 27 of 101

Completed Space Rocks Collection
All consumable aspiration rewards stored on lot.
3 potions of youth stored.