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Hi everyone,

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My name is Rachel Mayhew. I’m a Cheerful, Creative, Art Lover and I want to be a Painter Extraordinaire.

I want my family to lead this region into the future. Fortunately, the Vilareal family recently decided to move from Windenburg to Willow Creek so I was able to purchase this gorgeous but empty parcel of land on a nearly private island.

12-18-15_1-38-42 PM

Before I purchase anything else I need to purchase the symbol of my family’s leadership. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money. So I headed out for The Future’s Past Museum in Oasis Springs.

12-18-15_1-42-01 PM

I spent some time socializing with Hillary Foreman. Unfortunately she seems hot-headed and a bit of a snob. I don’t think we’ll be spending much time together in the future.

12-18-15_1-43-28 PM

By this time I had heard where the best places to hunt for valuables were so I was off to dig, look for frogs and even to rummage through the trash. Since I didn’t find anything but common frogs my plans to breed exotic frogs as a side business will have to be put on hold but I did find some nice crystals and time capsules that I could sell so I returned to my home lot with $8445. Enough to by my symbolic suit of armor.

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I had heard that clubs were a powerful way to meet new people and develop influence so I created a club for people like me. Once I founded the Legacy club for single, creative young adults then with my remaining $245 I headed for the Municipal Muses in Willow Creek.

For the next couple days I wandered from community lot to community lot. I got to know the members of my club.

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12-18-15_2-08-18 PM

I dropped by the nightclub to eat the free chips at the bar,

12-18-15_2-22-17 PM

I looked for frogs,

12-18-15_2-03-43 PM

and I painted.

12-18-15_2-16-47 PM

I soon developed a preference for Jared. He was creative and an art lover like me, but he is also ambitious. We decided that just the two of us should head over to the nightclub. We flirted.

12-18-15_2-37-30 PM

Soon we were having our first kiss.

12-18-15_2-42-05 PM

Before I knew it I was asking him to be my boyfriend and he accepted.

12-18-15_2-42-59 PM

He moved in but we still only had about $1000 to buy a few things.

12-18-15_3-09-03 PM

We kept painting with our club on our home lot. I also managed to find the frogs I needed to crossbreed to get the rare Whirlyflower frog and soon we had a small collection of belongings on our lot.

12-18-15_3-45-08 PM

He got a regular job as a painter. Thanks to our club’s network and the fact that he has become rather entrepreneurial he got three promotions just this first week.

12-18-15_4-02-57 PM

After a few days I started working as a writer. I only worked one day this week but I did earn a promotion as well.

12-18-15_5-35-20 PM

We’ve developed a lot of stuff on our lot. But, in spite of the unseasonably warm weather than enabled us to live on the lawn so long, winter is coming so we arranged for a house to be built for us at the end of the week.

12-18-15_7-22-54 PM

In the long run I hope our family will eventually be able to afford a home that will truly do justice to this island but for now. This house will meet our needs as we begin to expand our family.

12-18-15_7-22-38 PM

I think this week has been kind to us we both only need a couple more masterpieces to our name and we will both be Painter Extraordinaires. My work in particular is considered both visionary and marketable. I look forward to telling you more of my family’s journey next week.


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The House is a recreation of the Family Farmhouse, one of my favorite Sims 2 lots, by Mixa97sr.

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