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The first part of the week was the same routine as before. Monday morning I was promoted to Net Demon and I took the risk and hacked my work performance to achieve promotion to The Oracle on Thursday.

03-17-15_8-37 PM

I am concerned about future generations of Glassbolt’s ability to feed themselves so I became one with the computer and manipuled reality to draw in single young adult women with skills in cooking and gourmet cooking so they can lead the way reestablishing food supplies. This is Laura Thornton she is one of those who responded to my call for help.

03-18-15_7-19 AM

We soon became friends and I asked her to move in.

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Of course just being friends won’t lead to future generations of leaders in Glassbolt. Fortunately, I am beguiling and she responded well to Cupid’s Arrow.

03-18-15_7-26 AM

Before long we had our first kiss.

03-18-15_7-33 AM

Then I proposed.

03-18-15_7-50 AM

She accepted happily.

03-18-15_7-50 AM-2

So we eloped.

03-18-15_7-51 AM-3

Once we were married it was time to try for a baby. Without access to pregnancy tests we couldn’t be sure but that looks like morning sickness to me.

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She’s a good painter and she drew a picture of me fishing to decorate our home.

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Then she tried fishing herself.

03-18-15_1-28 PM

She was so proud of the first fish she caught, even if it was just a minnow.

03-18-15_1-29 PM

Soon the pregnancy was obvious and she ran to tell me.

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I was so happy.

03-18-15_1-32 PM - Copy

We are both so content spending time together, playing chess

03-18-15_1-43 PM - Copy

or just having a meal.

03-18-15_1-55 PM

Today I came home from work early because I aged up to a full adult. I was a bit sad that I can’t have a birthday party like I used to. Fortunately, I’m a professional slacker so I can get away with leaving work early without losing my job. We’ll have a baby soon. I wonder what the next week will bring.

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