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The past week I’ve settled into a routine. I go to work. I hack or program viruses to advance at work.

03-14-15_9-32 PM

I fish for food.

03-16-15_2-32 PM

Then I grill it up.

03-16-15_2-06 PM

When I need some fun I explore outer space.

03-16-15_2-11 PM

At the end of the first week I didn’t improve my house because I was unsure of my bills. This time I took advantage of the opportunity to enhance the house. I added windows, floors and wall coverings. I made sure the windows on the first floor were small to provide security from the zombie hordes. I also bought a couple more beds.

03-16-15_3-29 PM

03-16-15_3-29 PM-2

03-16-15_3-29 PM-3

I am currently an An0nymous Ghost. Two more promotions and I should be able to bring in other sims to help me lead this city back from the brink. By then I expect I will have transitioned to full adulthood.