I’m Leah. I have mixed feelings about writing this. I love my brother and he is wonderful but sometimes I am angry at my parents for the way they raised us. Alexander feels he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, he does nothing but work on enhancing one skill or another. And me, well you know why they named me Leah right? She was the less loved wife of Jacob in the bible. But it was the last thing my mother asked of me so I’m going to do it.

Alexander finally let loose and began exploring his mischievous side.

03-05-15_11-03 AM

Also outer space.

03-05-15_2-40 PM

Mother passed on.

03-05-15_10-58 AM

Although her ghost did mentor me in painting when I asked.

03-05-15_12-33 PM

My brother met Krystle McFarland at the Gym. She has been helping him with his fitness.

03-05-15_12-38 PM

My brother is indeed highly skilled. He can even pass through solid counters. And the time has come for him to reach adulthood.

03-05-15_1-18 PM

We’re going to throw him a birthday party. We’ll see how it goes.