The first thing Alexander did as a teen was learn to be a speed reader, how to network and exploit his connections and show an entrepreneurial spirit. This made him the most interesting sim in the world.

Now that Alexander is a teen it is time for homework and school again.

03-04-15_6-26 AM

At the end of his first day on the job Alexander was just a hair away from promotion to the top of his career.

03-04-15_7-04 AM

Now it is my turn to teach Alexander my skills, first up is writing.

03-04-15_7-43 AM

He also is working on his programming abilities.

03-04-15_1-40 PM

After his second day at work Alexander had topped his career.

03-04-15_7-42 PM

Little Leah is very proud of herself. She managed to complete all skills for childhood development on her own without the kind of support Alexander had.

03-04-15_7-17 AM

She aged up all alone…

03-05-15_6-39 AM

And what are you wearing? You are not leaving the house dressed like that young lady.

03-05-15_6-40 AM

Garrett feels his time is near. Each time we go to bed I wonder is this the last time we will share this experience.

03-05-15_6-55 AM

Leah has started painting and helping Garrett in the garden.

03-05-15_8-23 AM

Under my tutelage Alexander’s painting skill is advancing rapidly.

03-05-15_9-07 AM