Garrett has expanded his garden again. He is now growing dragonfruit and cowplant berries. As you can see he has become an elder.

03-01-15_6-56 AM

I also felt the onset of old age a day later while painting.

03-01-15_9-02 AM

I begin to think it unlikely we will lie to see Alexander reach adulthood. I am glad he and Leah are good friends.

03-01-15_3-09 PM

In fact they became best friends forever. They both seem a little mischevious though. I hope they don’t decide to cause trouble.

02-28-15_5-36 PM

I know she will be able to support his continued rise to greatness once we are gone.

Alexander loves playing chess. Garrett taught him everything he knows. He also helped him master the violin. I am still painting although this particular painting was a problem. I just kept walking away from it and I don’t really know why.

03-01-15_6-41 PM

Alexander won a Novice Tournament for The R.E.F.U.G.E. I imagine soon he’ll want to play Hillock II. I want him to wait until he is a teen for that though.

03-01-15_5-57 PM

He’s been learning to fish. He may not yet be the best fisherman who ever lived but I don’t think he’ll ever have trouble catching his supper if he needs to.

03-01-15_5-49 PM

This evening we are going to throw him a birthday bash. Leah helped me clean up.

03-01-15_6-44 PM

I baked a cake and saved it for later. I hope the party is memorable.

03-02-15_5-32 AM