Leah grew up so fast. While Alexander was at his first day of school Garrett read to her.

02-28-15_11-45 AM

Alexander received an A with less than 8 days left in childhood. We’ve decided that between excuse notes from me and vacation days he won’t attend school again until he is a teen. He is better off at home working on his skills. Alexander seems to enjoy combining working on his mental skill and making friends. I guess he is just socially gifted now. He seems to be developing real charisma

02-28-15_3-45 PM

I worried so much when he insisted on making emotion potions. I’ve heard of children catching fire doing this but thankfully he made it through without incident and is now mentally gifted.

02-28-15_2-44 PM

He enjoys playing Keyboard Commander while developing his fine motor skills. He is now physically gifted.

02-28-15_5-29 PM

Just over halfway through childhood and he is already quite remarkable. He somehow manages to be both a Morning Sim and a Night Owl. He really must be a Savant. Having moved past the usual childhood development I wonder what other skills he will develop before becoming a teen.