I read to Alexander for hours, we both found this very satisfying.

02-25-15_8-15 PM

I enjoy encouraging him develop his creativity at the activity table. For him it seems as if instead of being like a light bulb ideas are like fireworks going off.

02-28-15_10-47 AM

We’ve expanded the house again. He doesn’t need a bed because he won’t actually sleep. We’ll just feed him potions to keep him awake and happy building his skills. But we do have a dining room with all of my confident paintings, what will be an exercise room and a second bathroom for Alexander.

02-28-15_10-19 AM

Garrett is making sure it is fully upgraded.

02-28-15_10-03 AM

We brought his baby sister Leah home from the hospital.

02-28-15_10-54 AM

I know some children get angry at the having a younger sibling but it didn’t bother Alexander at all. I hope this means they will be good friends.

02-28-15_11-00 AM

In only two short days Alexander has proven himself creatively gifted and begun working on his violin skills.

02-28-15_11-11 AM

School starts tomorrow. I hope he excels.