Welcome Alexander Flint into the world. The bassinett came with pink ribbons but he didn’t like them very much so we changed them. We named him Alexander meaning Defender of Man. We are sure someday he will live up to that name.

02-25-15_7-27 PM

We decided to try for a baby again right away. We want Alexander to have a sibling close in age who can be a good friend to him.

02-25-15_7-27 PM-3

As I sit here waiting for the results of the pregnancy test I can’t help but think, why on earth did we put the mirror there? I need to move to over the sink right away.

02-25-15_7-28 PM

I immediately told Garrett I was pregnant again. I’m not sure if that expression was happy or not.

02-25-15_7-29 PM-3

Maybe he is just overwhelmed. He is clearly a good father to Alexander.

02-25-15_7-33 PM

All too soon it is time for Alexander to grow up from infancy to childhood. Now the real work begins.

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