I was pregnant on the first try. Of course I rushed out to tell Garrett he was going to be a father soon.

02-25-15_5-31 PM-3

Pregnancy seems to make me creative. The excellent paintings keep coming now.

02-25-15_5-45 PM

We’ve added another room. I’ll miss being so close to Garrett all the time, but now that he has fully developed his skill with the violin and is learning logic to be able to pass that skill on to the child he needs to be focused and he can’t seem to do that with all my inspiring post cards.

02-25-15_6-14 PM-2

Garrett also decided to plant a little garden.

02-25-15_7-00 PM

Standing at the easel all the time in your third trimester is tough.

02-25-15_7-08 PM

I think I’ll sit down and write for a bit. Garrett sure has a lot of Mathematical diagrams, but he insists we’ll be glad to have so many by the time our child is a teen.

02-25-15_7-18 PM

My labor has started so it is time to head to the hospital to have the baby. I wonder, will it be a boy or a girl?

02-25-15_7-24 PM