So much has happened since I last recorded my thoughts on the Wonder Child Project. It took us about a week to really get settled. Garrett and I became best friends.

02-25-15_1-42 PM

Then we eloped.

02-25-15_1-43 PM-3

I really think we are soul mates and true companions. Being born to parents with such a strong relationship can only help the Wonder Child achieve greatness.

Garret managed to crossbreed his frogs to get some rare Whirlyflower frogs. They are very valuable but for now we are breeding them and keeping them in reserve. If we need them we will sell them, otherwise we will give them to the Wonder Child and let our offspring deal with them. So far we haven’t needed it. At this point I’m getting substantial income from the royalties from my books. Garrett has also licensed a song. With it we have managed to make our house start looking like a home. It is still box like but it has gone from this

02-25-15_12-22 PM-2

to this.

02-25-15_4-38 PM-2

My favorite is the bulletin board with the postcards my pen pals have sent me. It makes me inspired to write and paint just being near them. I’ve been trying to paint excellent paintings and can you believe it, the first time I succeeded was a masterpiece.

02-25-15_5-10 PM

We have some money saved and I think we’ll need to expand before the child is born but for now I enjoy working close to Garrett, just hanging with my bro.

We’ve decided it’s time to try for a baby.

02-25-15_5-29 PM

As I sit and wait for the results of the pregnancy test I can’t help but think. Is the Wonder Child on the way?

02-25-15_5-31 PM