I have started the The Wonder Child Challenge by Pinstar a couple of times. I decided to start a stories blog to help me carry it through to the end. I posted the first part of the story but I thought I’d explain a bit about the strategy I decided on.

Both of my sims are  Creative, Perfectionst and Bro. This makes them highly compatible. They both get happy moodlets just for being in proximity. Dianna started with the Master Chef aspiration so she also has Essence of Flavor so meals she makes will make people happy. Garrett started with the Curator aspiration so he has the Collector trait. Frog Breeding is a major part of my plan and I want to be able to get some high value frogs quickly.

I bulldozed the Daisy Hovel lot for them to use. I like this lot because it has a lot of foot traffic past it. It makes it easier to fulfill whims to meet other sims.

Since my intention is to carry the story forward directly into an Apocalypse Challenge I’m going to try to make this child into my ideal Apocalypse founder.

Let me know what you think.