I’m Dianna Fierro and this is Garrett Flint.

02-24-15_6-16 AM

We are having the oddest experience. We both signed up for what we thought was a normal online dating service. It was supposed to arrange for you to go on a blind date but when the van picked us up we received this letter.

Date: January 1st 20XX

Location: *Classified*

Program: The Wonder Child Project

Project: RRR (Phase 1)



Greetings Citizen. You have been randomly selected to participate in the Wonder Child Project. The government has noted your unmarried status and desire for children. We are here to remedy both.

We have paired you with a fellow citizen of similar age that we have determined to have complementary personality and genetic qualities optimal for child rearing.

You will be given a $22,000 stipend and the choice of lot to purchase. There you will take up residence as a normal person. You will take jobs in the area of your choosing, and otherwise blend in with the neighborhood.

As part of this program you must reproduce at least once with your selected mate. The first child born of the coupling will be the ultimate focus of this project. The “Wonder Child”.

Once this child is born, you are to devote your entire lives to raising them as successfully as possible. Leave no advantage ungranted, no assistance unrendered. Your undivided attention must be given to this child. Any efforts to improve yourselves or any subsequent children are to be for the indirect betterment of your Wonder Child.

This is a competition. There are hundreds of other couples doing the same as you. Show us your child rearing skills, make the best child that one can make, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Then the van dropped us off in front of an empty cement box that we were supposed to make into a home for us and this “wonder child.”

We talked for a bit. Whatever else I may think about whoever is in charge of this project they did do a good job matching us up. A couple of Bro Hugs made us both feel better about the situation. We decided to treat it like the date we were expecting.

As you can see we hit it off really well.

02-25-15_1-41 PM

We’ve decided to wait a bit to have the baby. We think the child will benefit from a more established home. We also both want to develop skills that we can teach this child. We’ve decided to be self employed. This will give us more time to devote to the child. Unfortunately it does mean that we will have to do without for a while until my writing and painting and Garrett’s music and frog breeding start to pay off.

02-25-15_1-49 PM